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The Happy Healthy Artist Podcast

Listen to Rae share her secrets on how to balance a healthy lifestyle while living an "on the go" lifestyle!

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Earmilk Review- "When It All Goes Down"

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Interview w/ Love, Music, Soul Blog

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Hot Sounds In The City

"Right now it’s all about the live music because the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. When I go home to see my family in Pennsylvania the country/pop scene is playing in most venues. Country music has always played a part in PA but it seems mostly everywhere now."

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Interview: Rae Radick

Volatile Weekly

I have always been drawn to music since I was a child. There are many videos of me dancing and singing in my basement at a young age and my parents realized my passion.

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Rae Radick Releases The Ultimate Women’s Anthem, “Keep ’Em Guessing”


Singer-songwriter Rae Radick is electric on her single “Keep ’Em Guessing.” The track is on Rae’s latest self-titled album and was produced by Ghidrah Music. “Keep ’Em Guessing” was inspired by Rae’s perspective, the way women are underestimated, even in this day and age.

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Talking With American Singer-Songwriter Rae Radick About “Sorry’s Not Good Enough”

ai love music

I’m back with another interview! American country/pop/rock singer-songwriter Rae Radick recently sat down and talked with ai love music. This energic and bubbly singer talked about her inspirations, her musical path, and her latest single “Sorry’s Not Good Enough”. What is the most important to take away from this tune? Continue on to find out!

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Sonic Breakfast

But, just in case you need an extra fix of bar life and the fun that can happen within them, today’s Sonic Breakfast treat comes straight from a Stateside tavern. In that bar, we find Rae Radick and her friends having fun, playing pool and singing karaoke whilst putting one leery punter firmly in his place.

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Discoveries of the Week


Keep 'em Guessing was featured on MangoWave's Discovery of the Week breakdown and Spotify Playlist.

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Best Of Indie: 3 Beautiful Songs About Love And Heartbreak

The Bops Collective

Love’s in the air and so is heartbreak. Today’s picks are here to tell you a bit more about it. We’ve got In A Memory by Rae Reddick, Get To You by Jon Mullins, and Serpent by Bea Bitter. Presenting Best Of Indie: 3 Beautiful Songs About Love And Heartbreak

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Track Review: Rae Radick // In A Memory

Nexus Music Blog

Bringing together elements of country, pop and rock, New York-based singer-songwriter Rae Radick is breeding a genre-defying new sound. Combining husky, soulful vocals with simple instrumentation, Rae adds sensuality to her music.

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Rae Radick – In A Memory (2020)

The Other Side Reviews

Loving someone does not always mean that you are going to be with them forever. This is the basis of ‘In A Memory’ by Rae Radick. The single tells the story of two people who never stop loving each other, but are taken in different directions by the flow of life.

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Edgar Allen Poets

Rae Radick knows what she is doing and as soon as you listen to her you are instantly brought into her world. A mix between Shania Twain and Katy Perry

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